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Primarily, OzDros is a national stock centre that imports, maintains and distributes Drosophila stocks from around the world. However, we hope to offer many additional Drosophila-related services as required by the Australian research community.

This is a list of our current and anticipated services but please don't hesitate to contact us with your suggestions.

Unfortunately we are unable to ship flies outside Australia. Please contact the researcher who generated the stocks you wish to order from outside of Australia


OZDROS CORE COLLECTION: We currently have approximately 3000 genetically defined commonly used stocks such as the Bloomington Deficiency Kit, mapping kits, FLP/FRT, GAL4, UAS, MARCM and PhiC31 etc. We also have many RNAi lines from various stock centres. All stocks in the Core Collection are available to users (stocks and shipping inclusive of annual subscription) and non-users (a fee will apply). A full stock list is available upon request while our database is being established.

NATIONAL STOCK HOLDINGS: We aim to have a record of all Drosophila stocks held within Australia to enable sharing of useful stocks. This will be addressed as part of the OzDros Access Agreement but relies on your input.

PRIVATE COLLECTIONS: We are considering holding stocks for labs that are no longer capable of storing them themselves. These would be private and not readily accessible to labs unless otherwise specified.


QUARANTINE: We have an AQIS approved Quarantine premise and aim to handle all importing of Drosophila stocks, whether from established Stock Centres or from your collaborators overseas. This centralisation and streamlining should significantly lower costs for Drosophila researchers (we will put stocks through quarantine and forward them to your lab inclusive of your annual subscription).
Australia has strict guidelines for importation of Drosophila - instructions are outlined on our importing page.


CLONES: We have the BDGP Drosophila Gene Collection (DGC) Releases 1 and 2. Upon request we grow the clones you want and send a jab culture via Express Post, ready for you to grow. Allow 3-5 days from request for this service.

Note: The BDGP DGC Releases comprise clones drawn from the EST collection that have undergone further analysis by the BDGP, identifying them as potential full length clones (Rubin et al., 2000; Stapleton et al., 2002). These analyses include: 5' ends resequenced; 3' ends resequenced; clones sized; and clones checked for polyadenylation.

The BDGP Gold Collection is a subset of the Drosophila Gene Collection (DGC). This collection is the most highly validated set of cDNAs available. We are not planning to hold this set at this stage.


CUSTOM MADE TRANSGENICS: This service is not currently available.


VECTORS: This service is not currently available. We would like to hold commonly used cloning vectors (and their maps) but we need your help! If you think this would be a good service, please send us your vectors!


DROSOPHILA KITS: OzDros will provide Drosophila Kits to secondary schools wishing to study monohybrid crosses. Each kit contains instructions plus one vial each of parental flies, one vial of F1, one vial of F2 and three empty vials. Please contact us to obtain an order form.


When you publish work based on services/materials received from OzDros, we ask that you cite us accordingly. Please mention in the acknowledgments that "services and/or stocks were provided by The Australian Drosophila Research Support Facility". Doing so will help to ensure our long-term existence.