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LOGIN, SEARCH AND ORDER: We update our shopping cart to provide details of stocks held by different labs around Australia. OzDros will be able to take orders and arrange for the lab holding the stocks to post them directly to you.


EXISTING ACCOUNTS: From the major stock centres we expect each lab to have their own accounts (which most of you already have). Bloomington, Kyoto and Vienna hold our import permit and they will include it with your shipment. The stocks need to be shipped to our address c/o Jianbin Wang (who's name is on the import permit). We rarely have problems with shipments from these centres as the process is now standardised quite well. Once we receive the stocks, we will put them through quarantine and forward them to your lab, as part of your annual subscription.


STANDARD IMPORTING PROCEDURES: When ordering from overseas labs you will need to provide them with 1) our permit, 2) our generic suppliers declaration that they can copy onto their letterhead and 3) specific instructions;




Please ask the sender to address packages to YOU c/o Jianbin Wang - this way we know who to forward them to!

Please use the following address:

c/o Jianbin Wang

Monash University Science Store (#V1792)

17 Rainforest Walk (Building 23)

Monash University Clayton Campus, Clayton , VIC 3800


You will need to email the sender a copy of our permit and a copy of the generic importation cover letter that they can print on their letterhead with specific details of the shipment.

IMPORT PERMIT: WE NO LONGER PROVIDE OUR IMPORT PERMIT ON OUR WEBSITE. Please request for a copy of our import permit by contacting us.
SUPPLIERS DECLARATION: WE NO LONGER PROVIDE OUR SUPPLIERS DECLARATION ON OUR WEBSITE. Please request for a copy of our suppliers declaration by contacting us.
It is highly recommended that the template provided to you is used as it already contains the necessary statements to clear the package through Australian Biosecurity. If you, as the supplier, cannot fulfill all statements on the declaration, please contact

  • All the imported shipments coming to our facility must have an accompanying letter on the sender's letterhead stating what the contents are (writing in red needs to be altered accordingly on generic letter).
  • Shipments must have our import permit (0002992129) attached to the OUTSIDE of the package containing the flies.
  • The person sending the parcel must write "ATTENTION BIOSECURITY - LIVE GMO INSECTS UNDER QUARANTINE: Drosophila melanogaster, permit no. 0002992129, copy attached" on the outside of the package.
  • Please ask sender to pack the stock with ample padding to avoid vial breakage and to plug tightly to prevent larvae pushing their way through.
  • Send and electronic copy of the import permit and completed supplier's declaration to the courier. The email subject should state "Documents for shipment (insert AWB number). For FedEx Shipments, please ensure the package contents are described as "Live GMO Insects (Drosophila flies)". Please send copies of all documents for the shipment to and
  • Please Communicate with the courier to ensure that they do NOT place your package and paperwork into another package/envelope (as the notices and documents must be on the outermost package).


We ask that you please advise us of orders made, either from a stock centre or another lab, so that we can anticipate times when there will be a substantial number of stocks coming in.

Please send an electronic copy of the completed supplier's declaration to and