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Here is a list of our frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer to your question please contact us.


HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER? If you are a new PI please contact the Manager who will send you an Access Agreement and Access Policy package.

WHY CAN'T I ACCESS THE ONLINE STOCK CENTRE? You must create an account. Your account wil thenl be activated once the OzDros Manager has received confirmation of acceptance of our terms and conditions, in the Access Agreement and Access Policy, from your Laboratory Group Head.

HOW MUCH DO STOCKS COST? You must be an OzDros member to order stocks. There are two fee structures for members; annual fees or pay per use fees. Payment of an annual fee allows unlimited access to services (including stocks, AQIS fees and postage etc) which will be very cost effective for larger labs. For smaller labs it may be more cost effective to 'pay per use'. Contact the Manager for further information.


HOW DO I ORDER FROM OVERSEAS LABS? See the ordering and importing page.

WHERE CAN I FIND THE IMPORT PERMIT? See the ordering and importing page.

HOW DO I ORDER OZDROS STOCKS?You will need an account (see above) and once it's activated you can sign-in and order stocks via our online shopping cart.


AQIS: Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.
BALANCER: Chromosome containing multiple inversions and markers that facilitate crossing schemes by their ease of detection and also by their suppression of recombination between homologs
DEFICIENCY: Rearrangement in which a piece of a chromosome is excised and the remaining large peices reattached (deletion).
ENHANCER: (1) mutation or genetic variant at one locus that exacerbates the phenotype of a mutation at another locus; (2) regulatory DNA sequence that influences transcription of nearby gene(s).
ENHANCER TRAP: technique in which a gene introduced into an ectopic chromosomal site is expressed in a restricted pattern because of its proximity to endogenous enhancers; also refers to the strain carrying such an insertion.
P ELEMENT: a type of transposable element used widely for mutagenesis and the creation of genetically modified flies.
a giant chromosome formed from repeated rounds of replication without cell division. The many homologous chromatids remain synapsed together and have a characteristic banding pattern that can be used as a map.
QAP: Quarantine Approved Premise. We have a QAP that is certified by AQIS to allow importation of Drosophila stocks from around the world.